GDI has developed its communications, media room design and technological support projects hand in hand with the main financial institution in Galicia. They have also played a major role in the implementation of video conferencing solutions, video-on-demand and online training solutions, in collaboration with the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia (CESGA). With CESGA, GDI has, over many years, managed to develop a major role in the advocacy and dissemination of innovative technologies among the business community of Galicia. This has resulted in joint agreements that are in force between CESGA and GDI, Vordis Technologies and Lifesize. In 2012, we participated in the design and implementation of the training room Acces Grid, remote presence in Full HD / LED projection / videocentre for Supercomputing Centre.

Another noteworthy aspect of our business has been the research on implementation plans for videoconferencing solutions, such as the one made for the former Union Fenosa Group, or others related to the analysis of videoconferencing applications with “reduced bandwidth” to be implemented in rural areas or elsewhere with difficulty accessing communications with high bandwidth.

In the health industry, in 2008 GDI designed the action plan for remote medicine applications Extremadura-Alentejo (Personal Monitoring Wimax Videoconferencing), in collaboration with Intersystem and the Infanta Cristina Hospital of Badajoz.

GDI has also worked on HD video proposals, developing a pilot for the Imserso to create a new training model aimed at improving remote relations introducing high definition, with the possibility of real-time or deferred web access for courses, lectures and management meetings.